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  • From Pornstar to Pastor To... Christian OnlyFans?


    Crystal Bassette, a mid-thirties mother of three, starred in over 100 adult films

    Back in 2014, Crystal was a pornstar. Her screen name was Nadia Hilton and she starred in over 100 porn films.

    "I was making upwards $30,000 a month doing adult films", she said. Spending $3000 to $4000 a week buying random things at the mall. "I used to go to the Playboy mansion all the time. That was, like, the star struck thing, meeting Hugh Hefner, and everybody. I mean, it was glamorous at times."

    Her childhood was much different than you would anticipate. "I was an honor roll student in high school and I was a varsity cheerleader."

    "We grew up poor", she said. "I wanted to give my son all the things. I didn't have a snowmobile or four-wheelers. I didn't have any of that stuff as a kid".

    "My first shoot was horrible, I was scared. And after the shoot, I sat in a shower and I was bawling my eyes out crying for, like, two hours. I just felt so gross and just dirty. But I went back for the money".

    Crystal says she got sucked into it, as more and more money came rolling in. But, despite all the money, she said she wasn't happy.

    My life changed when I had my car wreck..

    After getting into a car accident, she had a moment of clarity asking herself what is she doing with her life. This eventually lead her to meet David Bassette, a Pentecostal Minister, who she fell in love with and eventually married.

    This new life was quite different from her pornstar days, as you can imagine. She found out quicky, that many would look at her way of dress as having to be conservative and that many hidden standards were required of her.

    After six years of marriage, she ended up divorcing David and also leaving the Church, yet still identifies as a Christian.

    According to her, judgment in the Church is what drove her away from ministry. DiGregorio said, "They judge you for everything. I mean, God forbid a pastor has a drink of wine or any type of alcoholic beverage, because you're definitely going to Hell for that."

    Explaining how she reconciles her faith with her adult entertainment work, she said "The way I look at posting adult content is God brought me into this world naked. Posting pictures naked - I don't think is this big huge crime, or you know, this big sin.".

    DiGregorio said she now resents the fact that "when I was in church, it was girls can't wear pants. You have to wear skirts. You can't wear makeup. You can't dye your hair. You can't cut your hair. God forbid you show any cleavage or you're going to Hell for all those things."

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