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ELECTRIFY Your Bible Study
EMPOWER Your Life!
  • Brand new, Sealed & Straight From Manufacturer!
    • Great gift item! Read on to see why!
    • This Bible library has same amount of resources as the highest editions of most major Bible software packages currently selling in Christian bookstores, yet costs much less than them ALL!! Also, this Bible library has many improvements over these $200 competitor libraries. For instance, Light Master Bible Library has millions more cross-references, high quality graphical layout and 3D maps!
    • Includes Adam Clarke's Unabridged Six-volume Commentary on the Bible!
    • NO internet access required for this software CD. No zip files. No unlocking anything. All the books are on the CD. What you see is really what it is! This is no joke, it is really good, yet costs very little!
    • Looking for a Bible library with one or more of the modern day Bible translations for a LOW price? CLICK HERE. We have two modern day Bible translations on this product! You will not be disappointed!


    • This is a brand new! You are bidding on high quality software. Buy one of the low priced Bible libraries that is currently selling on eBay or anywhere on the net and compare it with ours. I can guarantee that our software is of a much higher caliber and won't end up on your shelf never used. I have a few of these low priced titles currently selling on eBay. They do not inform you that their libraries have NO linked cross-references. You might as well buy regular books, because their software is not anymore high tech. The software I am selling here has about 6 MILLION linked cross-references(topical, chronological, parallel, etc), truly making it a high quality Bible software product!

    • My company (C-Corp- Optasia Electronics, Inc.) sells about 50,000 Bible Library packages every year. I have 3 different Bible libraries that I sell in almost all major chain stores, some Christian bookstores and even on eBay.com. Our Bible library selling in the secular chain stores is called, "Bible Wisdom" that we sell through TOPICS Entertainment. I am telling you all this, so you know you are not buying a cheap Bible library made by an inexperienced programmer. Most libraries selling online are a collection of freeware files, just thrown together. If you are looking for a quality Bible library for a low price, buy from me!
    • This library is very similar to the newer Bible software title called "Verse Master Bible Library". Verse Master currently sells in Christian Book Distributors, Berean Christian Bookstores, and a several independant bookstores for about $80.00. Light Master has many of the resources found on Verse Master, yet costs much less!!!
    • Want to pay with a check instead of credit card? No problem, just enter your check information electronically and it just like sending it to me personally, but saves both of us time!

  • Light Master VS. Competition
    • Functionality This library contains about 6 million cross-references connecting 46 Christian book sets(41,000 DOCUMENT FILES!!!!!). It has three times as many cross-references as QuickVerse or PC Study Bible! These are not just Bible cross-references either. Quite literally, all the books are netted together with linked cross-references, allowing travel among all the books. Chronological, topical, and parallel cross-references are all included within the library!
    • A Unique Book Selection Light Master includes literally every genre of biblical study: Bibles, Bible History, Church History, Commentary, Sermons, Word Study, Lexicon, Theology, Topical, Dictionary, Philosophy, and Devotionals!!
    • A Comprehensive Library Light Master contains volumes and volumes of Bible study materials. This makes it as large as Intermediate/Deluxe Editions of the competition(PC Study Bible, Logos, etc).
    • 15 Bibles Compared with all various Bible libraries selling out there(over 30), our Bible library is near the top for providing the most Bibles in a single library! Also, each Bible is paralleled to the other Bibles by chapter, making it easy to compare them! Where else can you get this kind of high caliber library for under $10?
    • Connectivity Light Master works seamlessly with the Internet, because the CD library uses Internet Explorer as its browser. Internet is NOT needed to use the library. The whole library is on the CD.
    • Greek and Hebrew Even Greek and Hebrew materials are available on this CD!! View the Greek NT and Hebrew OT, 8 VOL of Greek Lexicon, KJV w/ Hebrew Strongs, etc. Hebrew and Greek study tools are easy to use on Light Master!
    • Pictures and Maps How about 50 detailed, full color, high quality maps(3D, topographical, travels) AND 200 pictures of famous paintings, 3D renderings and more!!!
    • Integrated Study Paradigms Also, three study paradigms have been integrated into Light Master Bible Library to make studying scripture not only easier, but also more fulfilling.

    More Pictures: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

  • Graphically enhanced library
    • Textured backgrounds on all books.
    • High quality graphics utilized for button links, logos, and page titles.

  • A better library for a lower price!
    • Light Master includes just about as many books as the competitor's mid-level and even high-level Bible libraries.
    • Light Master was created to work like a website on a CD-ROM. If you can surf the web, you can browse this CD library!
    • With so many cross-references, you can quickly find the information you are looking for.
    • Most comparable Christian bookstore libraries sell for hundreds of dollars.

  • Relevant Info
    • Want to pay with a check instead of credit card? No problem, just enter your check information electronically and it just like sending it to me personally, but saves both of us time!
    • IMPORTANT! - The first item has a shipping cost of $4.95. Each additional item has a shipping charge of $2.95.

  • Testimonies

    • "I truly love the Verse Master. I use it almost everyday in my studies. Thank you. and God Bless you." - David Webster
    • "I enjoy the The Master version" - Dale Golman.
    • "Fantastic. I have been very happy with this." - John
    • Two Family Christian Bookstore clerks indicated that they think Verse Master is better than all the other libraries for its price!

  • System Requirements
    • PC compatible
    • Win95, Win98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP or Vista
    • 32 MB RAM minimum
    • 486/66 MHz or higher processor.
    • CD-ROM drive
    • Minimum hard drive space: 0 MB
    • Mouse or pointer


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