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    Second Sunday After Easter. John 10:11-16. Christís Office and Kingdom; or How Christ is the True Shepherd Second Sermon: Preachers, Civil Authorities, and the Knowledge of Christ Third Sermon: The Good Shepherd and his Sheep; or Christís Person, Office and Rulership Third Sunday After Easter. John 16:16-23. How Christ Comforted his Disciples in View of his Departure Second Sermon : Christís Death and Resurrection; Christ Comforts his Disciples, and the Joy of the World Third Sermon: Christís Death and Resurrection; the Comfort Christ Ministers to his Disciples, and the Worldís joy Fourth Sunday After Easter. John 16:5-15. How the Holy Spirit Convicts the World of Sin, Righteousness, Judgment Second Sermon: Sin, Righteousness and the Cross Third Sermon: Christís Kingdom and the Convicting and Teaching Office of the Holy Spirit Fifth Sunday After Easter. John 16:23-30. Christís Sermon on Prayer; or Prayer in Christís Name Second Sermon: Five Requisites of True Prayer Day of Christís Ascension Into Heaven. Mark 16:14-20. Christ Commissions his Disciples to Preach the Gospel.

    Second Sermon: Christ Upbraids his Disciples with their Unbelief, and his Missionary Commission Third Sermon: The Hardness of the Disciplesí Hearts, Christís Missionary Commission, and the Signs Following Sunday After Christís Ascension . John 15:26-16:4. A Sermon of Comfort and Admonition Second Sermon: The Holy Spirit and his Witness of Christ, and the Persecution of Christians Because of it; or the Consolation and Prophecy Christ Gives his Disciples Pentecost or Whitsunday. John 14:23-31. The Holy Spirit to Teach and Remind the Disciples of all Christ Taught.

    Second Sermon: Sermon of Comfort Christ Preaches to his Disciples; or Love to Christ and the Comfort of the Spirit Third Sermon: The Promise of the Holy Spirit to those who Love Christ, and his Comfort because of his Departure; or Christ Gives his Disciples a Five-Fold Promise.

    Pentecost Monday. John 3:16-21. Christ as Mediator and Savior and his Judgment on the World and Believers.

    Second Sermon: Godís Love and Gifts in Christ, and Christís Judgment on the World and Believers Pentecost Tuesday. John 10:1-11. The Preaching Office, the Preachers and Hearers.

    Second Sermon: Three Classes of Preachers; or How We Enter the Sheepfold through Christ and the Sheep hear.

    Pentecost Wednesday. John 6:44-51. Faith and Coming to Christ, and the True Bread from Heaven.

    Trinity Sunday . John 3:1-15. The Holy Trinity, and Christís Conversation with Nicodemus on the New Birth.

    Second Sermon: Christís Sermon to Nicodemus on the New Birth, and the Righteousness that Avails before God.


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