Word: CAK

Pronounce: kaw-bad'

Strong: H3513

Orig: or kabed \i kaw-bade'\i0\plain\f3\fs21\cf23 ; a primitive root; to be heavy, i.e. in a bad sense (burdensome, severe, dull) or in a good sense (numerous, rich, honorable; causatively, to make weighty (in the same two senses):--abounding with, more grievously afflict, boast, be chargeable, X be dim, glorify, be (make) glorious (things), glory, (very) great, be grievous, harden, be (make) heavy, be heavier, lay heavily, (bring to, come to, do, get, be had in) honour (self), (be) honourable (man), lade, X more be laid, make self many, nobles, prevail, promote (to honour), be rich, be (go) sore, stop.

Use: TWOT-943 Verb

Grk Strong: G191 G916 G916 G917 G926 G1391 G1392 G1740 G1741 G1765 G1784 G2127 G2729 G3173 G4060 G4121 G4645 G5091 G5092

    1) to be heavy, be weighty, be grievous, be hard, be rich, be honourable, be glorious, be burdensome, be honoured
    1a) (Qal)
    1a1) to be heavy
    1a2) to be heavy, be insensible, be dull
    1a3) to be honoured
    1b) (Niphal)
    1b1) to be made heavy, be honoured, enjoy honour, be made abundant
    1b2) to get oneself glory or honour, gain glory
    1c) (Piel)
    1c1) to make heavy, make dull, make insensible
    1c2) to make honourable, honour, glorify
    1d) (Pual) to be made honourable, be honoured
    1e) (Hiphil)
    1e1) to make heavy
    1e2) to make heavy, make dull, make unresponsive
    1e3) to cause to be honoured
    1f) (Hithpael)
    1f1) to make oneself heavy, make oneself dense, make oneself numerous
    1f2) to honour oneself