Word: endoxoj

Pronounce: en'-dox-os

Strongs Number: G1741

Orig: from 1722 and 1391; in glory, i.e. splendid, (figuratively) noble:--glorious, gorgeous(-ly), honourable. G1722

Use: TDNT-2:254,178 Adjective

Heb Strong: H1926 H3372 H3513 H3524 H3559 H4261 H5949 H6286 H6381 H6579 H6643 H7034 H8269 H8416 H8643

    1) held in good or in great esteem, of high repute
    1a) illustrious, honourable, esteemed
    1b) notable, glorious
    1c) splendid
    1c1) of clothing
    1c2) fig., free from sins