Pronounce: ter-oo-aw'

Strong: H8643

Orig: from 7321; clamor, i.e. acclamation of joy or a battle-cry; especially clangor of trumpets, as an alarum:--alarm, blow(- ing) (of, the) (trumpets), joy, jubile, loud noise, rejoicing, shout(-ing), (high, joyful) sound(-ing). H7321

Use: TWOT-2135b Noun Feminine

Grk Strong: G20 G1741 G2351 G2906 G4536 G5456

    1) alarm, signal, sound of tempest, shout, shout or blast of war or alarm or joy
    1a) alarm of war, war-cry, battle-cry
    1b) blast (for march)
    1c) shout of joy (with religious impulse)
    1d) shout of joy (in general)