Word: ekleipw

Pronounce: ek-li'-po

Strongs Number: G1587

Orig: from 1537 and 3007; to omit, i.e. (by implication) cease (die):--fail. G1537

Use: Verb

Heb Strong: H235 H622 H656 H1219 H1478 H1504 H1584 H1809 H2186 H2308 H2470 H2713 H2717 H2787 H2865 H2973 H3286 H3287 H3341 H3576 H3582 H3615 H3772 H3856 H3869 H4171 H4185 H4191 H4591 H5086 H5186 H5428 H5486 H5493 H5647 H5800 H5848 H5888 H5968 H5999 H6437 H6658 H6845 H6862 H7604 H7673 H8552

    1) fail
    1a) to leave out, omit, pass by
    1b) to leave, quit
    2) to fail
    2a) to leave off, cease, stop
    2b) of the failing or eclipse of the light of the sun and the moon