Word: ZEN

Pronounce: mooth

Strong: H4191

Orig: a primitive root: to die (literally or figuratively); causatively, to kill:--X at all, X crying, (be) dead (body, man, one), (put to, worthy of) death, destroy(-er), (cause to, be like to, must) die, kill, necro(-mancer), X must needs, slay, X surely, X very suddenly, X in (no) wise.

Use: TWOT-1169 Verb

Grk Strong: G25 G86 G101 G337 G355 G599 G615 G622 G1578 G1587 G1626 G1777 G1808 G1929 G2287 G2288 G2288 G2289 G2289 G2348 G2349 G2795 G2827 G3179 G3334 G3337 G3346 G3498 G3960 G4098 G4098 G4531 G4931 G5053 G5054

    1) to die, kill, have one executed
    1a1) to die
    1a2) to die (as penalty), be put to death
    1a3) to die, perish (of a nation)
    1a4) to die prematurely (by neglect of wise moral conduct)
    1b) (Polel) to kill, put to death, dispatch
    1c) (Hiphil) to kill, put to death
    1d) (Hophal)
    1d1) to be killed, be put to death
    1d1a) to die prematurely