Word: enocoj

Pronounce: en'-okh-os

Strongs Number: G1777

Orig: from 1758; liable to (a condition, penalty or imputation):--in danger of, guilty of, subject to. G1758

Use: TDNT-2:828,286 Adjective

Heb Strong: H502 H1818 H4191 H7561 H7563

    1) bound, under obligation, subject to, liable
    1a) used of one who is held by, possessed with love, and zeal for anything
    1b) in a forensic sense, denoting the connection of a person either with his crime, or with the penalty or trial, or with that against whom or which he has offended
    1b1) guilty, worthy of punishment
    1b2) guilty of anything
    1b3) of the crime
    1b4) of the penalty
    1b5) liable to this or that tribunal i.e. the punishment to by imposed by this or that tribunal
    1b6) of the place where punishment is to be suffered