Word: iscuroj

Pronounce: is-khoo-ros'

Strongs Number: G2478

Orig: from 2479; forcible (literally or figuratively):--boisterous, mighty(-ier), powerful, strong(-er, man), valiant. G2479

Use: TDNT-3:397,378 Adjective

Heb Strong: H46 H117 H386 H410 H533 H553 H1219 H1274 H1277 H1368 H1416 H1419 H2388 H2634 H2710 H3515 H4013 H4581 H4869 H5764 H5794 H6091 H6099 H6184 H7312 H8623

    1) strong, mighty
    1a) of living beings

    1) strong either in body or in mind
    1a2) of one who has strength of soul to sustain the attacks of Satan, strong and therefore exhibiting many excellences
    1b) on inanimate things

    1) strong, violent, forcibly uttered, firm, sure