Word: katalambanw

Pronounce: kat-al-am-ban'-o

Strongs Number: G2638

Orig: from 2596 and 2983; to take eagerly, i.e. seize, possess, etc. (literally or figuratively):--apprehend, attain, come upon, comprehend, find, obtain, perceive, (over-)take. G2596

Use: TDNT-4:9,495 Verb

Heb Strong: H270 H935 H1158 H1692 H2179 H2388 H3920 H3947 H4672 H5066 H5375 H5381 H5462 H6113 H6923 H7912 H8003 H8610

    1) to lay hold of
    1a) to lay hold of so as to make one's own, to obtain, attain to, to make one's own, to take into one's self, appropriate
    1b) to seize upon, take possession of
    1b1) of evils overtaking one, of the last day overtaking the wicked with destruction, of a demon about to torment one
    1b2) in a good sense, of Christ by his holy power and influence laying hold of the human mind and will, in order to prompt and govern it
    1c) to detect, catch
    1d) to lay hold of with the mind
    1d1) to understand, perceive, learn, comprehend