Word: CKL

Pronounce: law-kad'

Strong: H3920

Orig: a primitive root; to catch (in a net, trap or pit); generally, to capture or occupy; also to choose (by lot); figuratively, to cohere:--X at all, catch (self), be frozen, be holden, stick together, take.

Use: TWOT-1115 Verb

Grk Strong: G64 G726 G1166 G1731 G2638 G2722 G2816 G2820 G2902 G2961 G2975 G2983 G3960 G4815 G4912

    1) to capture, take, seize
    1a) (Qal)
    1a1) to capture, seize
    1a2) to capture (of men) (fig.)
    1a3) to take (by lot)
    1b) (Niphal)
    1b1) to be captured
    1b2) to be caught (of men in trap, snare) (fig.)
    1c) (Hithpael) to grasp each other