Word: katapauw

Pronounce: kat-ap-ow'-o

Strongs Number: G2664

Orig: from 2596 and 3973; to settle down, i.e. (literally) to colonize, or (figuratively) to (cause to) desist:--cease, (give) rest(-rain). G2596

Use: TDNT-3:627,419 Verb

Heb Strong: H622 H1086 H2421 H3427 H3885 H5095 H5117 H5314 H7280 H7503 H7673 H7725 H7902 H7931 H8252 H8313

    1) to make quiet, to cause to be at rest, to grant rest
    1a) to lead to a quiet abode
    1b) to still, restrain, to cause (one striving to do something) to desist
    2) to rest, take rest