Word: OKY

Pronounce: shaw-kan'

Strong: H7931

Orig: a primitive root (apparently akin (by transmission) to 7901 through the idea of lodging; compare 5531, 7925); to reside or permanently stay (literally or figuratively):--abide, continue, (cause to, make to) dwell(-er), have habitation, inhabit, lay, place, (cause to) remain, rest, set (up). H5531 H7925

Use: TWOT-2387 Verb

Grk Strong: G373 G373 G835 G1525 G1904 G1940 G1941 G1982 G2240 G2270 G2476 G2516 G2597 G2647 G2664 G2681 G2730 G2730 G2936 G3611 G3708 G3939 G4078 G4637

    1) to settle down, abide, dwell, tabernacle, reside
    1a) (Qal)
    1a1) to settle down to abide
    1a2) to abide, dwell, reside
    1b) (Piel)
    1b1) to make settle down, establish
    1b2) to make or cause to dwell
    1c) (Hiphil)
    1c1) to lay, place, set, establish, settle, fix
    1c2) to cause to dwell or abide