Word: klhronomew

Pronounce: klay-ron-om-eh'-o

Strongs Number: G2816

Orig: from 2818; to be an heir to (literally or figuratively):--be heir, (obtain by) inherit(-ance). G2818

Use: TDNT-3:767,442 Verb

Heb Strong: H270 H962 H2505 H3045 H3423 H3920 H5157

    1) to receive a lot, receive by lot
    1a) esp. to receive a part of an inheritance, receive as an inheritance, obtain by right of inheritance
    1b) to be an heir, to inherit
    2) to receive the portion assigned to one, receive an allotted portion, receive as one's own or as a possession
    3) to become partaker of, to obtain