Word: anairew

Pronounce: an-ahee-reh'-o

Strongs Number: G337

Orig: from 303 and (the active of) 138; to take up, i.e. adopt; by implication, to take away (violently), i.e. abolish, murder:--put to death, kill, slay, take away, take up. G303

Use: Verb

Heb Strong: H1214 H2026 H2763 H3947 H4191 H4871 H5221 H5375 H6293 H6992 H7311 H7324

    1) to take up, to lift up (from the ground)
    1a) to take up for myself as mine
    1b) to own (an exposed infant)
    2) to take away, abolish
    2a) to do away with or abrogate customs or ordinances
    2b) to put out of the way, kill slay a man