Word: paradidwmi

Pronounce: par-ad-id'-o-mee

Strongs Number: G3860

Orig: from 3844 and 1325; to surrender, i.e yield up, intrust, transmit:--betray, bring forth, cast, commit, deliver (up), give (over, up), hazard, put in prison, recommend. G3844

Use: TDNT-2:169,166 Verb

Heb Strong: H935 H2505 H2865 H2904 H3051 H3381 H3607 H3960 H4042 H4376 H4487 H4672 H5064 H5117 H5221 H5414 H5462 H5534 H6030 H6168 H6293 H7136 H7411 H8003 H8610 H8628

    1) to give into the hands (of another)
    2) to give over into (one's) power or use
    2a) to deliver to one something to keep, use, take care of, manage
    2b) to deliver up one to custody, to be judged, condemned, punished, scourged, tormented, put to death
    2c) to deliver up treacherously
    2c1) by betrayal to cause one to be taken
    2c2) to deliver one to be taught, moulded
    3) to commit, to commend
    4) to deliver verbally
    4a) commands, rites
    4b) to deliver by narrating, to report
    5) to permit allow
    5a) when the fruit will allow that is when its ripeness permits
    5b) gives itself up, presents itself