Word: XBP

Pronounce: naw-gar'

Strong: H5064

Orig: a primitive root; to flow; figuratively, to stretch out; causatively, to pour out or down; figuratively, to deliver over:--fall, flow away, pour down (out), run, shed, spilt, trickle down.

Use: TWOT-1295 Verb

Grk Strong: G1904 G2666 G2702 G3860 G4867

    1) to pour, run, flow, pour down
    1a) (Niphal)
    1a1) to be poured, be spilt
    1a2) to pour oneself, flow, trickle
    1a3) to vanish (fig.)
    1a4) to be stretched out
    1b) (Hiphil) to pour down
    1c) (Hophal) to melt