Word: anastrefw

Pronounce: an-as-tref'-o

Strongs Number: G390

Orig: from 303 and 4762; to overturn; also to return; by implication, to busy oneself, i.e. remain, live:--abide, behave self, have conversation, live, overthrow, pass, return, be used. G303

Use: TDNT-7:715,1093 Verb

Heb Strong: H935 H1443 H1980 H2015 H3318 H6213 H6437 H7725 H7789 H8074 H8138

    1) to turn upside down, overturn
    2) to turn back
    3) to turn hither and thither, to turn one's self about, sojourn dwell in a place
    4) metaph. to conduct one's self, behave one's self, live