Word: @VI

Pronounce: yaw-tsaw'

Strong: H3318

Orig: a primitive root; to go (causatively, bring) out, in a great variety of applications, literally and figuratively, direct and proxim.:--X after, appear, X assuredly, bear out, X begotten, break out, bring forth (out, up), carry out, come (abroad, out, thereat, without), + be condemned, depart(-ing, -ure), draw forth, in the end, escape, exact, fail, fall (out), fetch forth (out), get away (forth, hence, out), (able to, cause to, let) go abroad (forth, on, out), going out, grow, have forth (out), issue out, lay (lie) out, lead out, pluck out, proceed, pull out, put away, be risen, X scarce, send with commandment, shoot forth, spread, spring out, stand out, X still, X surely, take forth (out), at any time, X to (and fro), utter.

Use: TWOT-893 Verb

Grk Strong: G71 G191 G312 G321 G381 G390 G393 G395 G565 G576 G837 G863 G1080 G1096 G1166 G1272 G1279 G1321 G1327 G1330 G1521 G1525 G1529 G1530 G1531 G1544 G1546 G1554 G1594 G1607 G1627 G1628 G1710 G1806 G1807 G1808 G1821 G1831 G1839 G1841 G1904 G2064 G2240 G2476 G2597 G2614 G2702 G2729 G2983 G3306 G3928 G4160 G4198 G4363 G4367 G4757 G4766 G4863 G5291 G5342

    1) to go out, come out, exit, go forth
    1a) (Qal)
    1a1) to go or come out or forth, depart
    1a2) to go forth (to a place)
    1a3) to go forward, proceed to (to or toward something)
    1a4) to come or go forth (with purpose or for result)
    1a5) to come out of
    1b) (Hiphil)
    1b1) to cause to go or come out, bring out, lead out
    1b2) to bring out of
    1b3) to lead out
    1b4) to deliver
    1c) (Hophal) to be brought out or forth