Word: suntelew

Pronounce: soon-tel-eh'-o

Strongs Number: G4931

Orig: from 4862 and 5055; to complete entirely; generally, to execute (literally or figuratively):--end, finish, fulfil, make. G4862

Use: TDNT-8:62,1161 Verb

Heb Strong: H622 H1086 H1214 H1214 H1584 H1639 H2856 H3605 H3615 H3772 H4191 H4390 H5362 H5486 H6213 H7489 H8003 H8552

    1) to end together or at the same time
    2) to end completely
    2a) bring to an end, finish, complete
    3) to accomplish, bring to fulfilment
    3a) to come to pass
    4) to effect, make, (conclude)
    5) to finish
    5a) to make an end of
    5b) to bring to an end
    5c) destroy