Word: tiqhmi

Pronounce: tith'-ay-mee

Strongs Number: G5087

Orig: a prolonged form of a primary theo theh'-o (which is used only as alternate in certain tenses) to place (in the widest application, literally and figuratively; properly, in a passive or horizontal posture, and thus different from 2476, which properly denotes an upright and active position, while 2749 is properly reflexive and utterly prostrate):--+ advise, appoint, bow, commit, conceive, give, X kneel down, lay (aside, down, up), make, ordain, purpose, put, set (forth), settle, sink down. G2476

Use: TDNT-8:152,1176 Verb

Heb Strong: H622 H935 H1777 H1875 H3322 H3332 H3427 H3455 H3559 H3772 H4171 H5060 H5117 H5148 H5181 H5307 H5375 H5414 H5437 H5446 H5810 H5927 H6213 H6485 H6680 H6965 H6979 H6983 H7311 H7412 H7561 H7737 H7760 H7896 H8104 H8371 H8628

    1) to set, put, place
    1a) to place or lay
    1b) to put down, lay down
    1b1) to bend down
    1b2) to lay off or aside, to wear or carry no longer
    1b3) to lay by, lay aside money
    1c) to set on (serve) something to eat or drink
    1d) to set forth, something to be explained by discourse
    2) to make
    2a) to make (or set) for one's self or for one's use
    3) to set, fix establish
    3a) to set forth
    3b) to establish, ordain