Word: ZIY

Pronounce: sheeth

Strong: H7896

Orig: a primitive root; to place (in a very wide application):--apply, appoint, array, bring, consider, lay (up), let alone, X look, make, mark, put (on), + regard, set, shew, be stayed, X take.

Use: TWOT-2380 Verb

Grk Strong: G447 G498 G654 G1251 G1252 G1316 G1325 G1817 G1863 G1904 G1911 G2007 G2186 G2525 G3396 G3539 G4337 G4369 G4388 G5021 G5087 G5293

    1) to put, set
    1a) (Qal)
    1a1) to put, lay (hand upon)
    1a2) to set, station, appoint, fix, set mind to
    1a3) to constitute, make (one something), make like, perform
    1a4) to take one's stand
    1a5) to lay waste
    1b) (Hophal) to be imposed, be set upon