Word: apostrefw

Pronounce: ap-os-tref'-o

Strongs Number: G654

Orig: from 575 and 4762; to turn away or back (literally or figuratively):--bring again, pervert, turn away (from). G575

Use: TDNT-7:719,1093 Verb

Heb Strong: H553 H1234 H1980 H2015 H2186 H2559 H3427 H3665 H4513 H5066 H5428 H5437 H5472 H5493 H5496 H5641 H5674 H5956 H6437 H6565 H6908 H7673 H7725 H7728 H7737 H7896 H7993 H8266 H8377

    1) to turn away
    1a) to remove anything from anyone
    1b) to turn him away from allegiance to any one
    1c) tempt to defect
    2) to turn back, return, bring back
    2a) of putting a sword back in its sheath
    2b) of Judas returning money to temple
    3) to turn one's self away, turn back, return
    4) to turn one's self away from, deserting