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    NOTES - AMOS 3

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    III Judgments denounced against Israel, ver. 1-8. Which cannot be prevented, unless they repent, ver. 9-15.

    Verse 2. Know - Chosen, adopted to be my peculiar ones. Therefore - Because you have all these obligations and abused all these mercies.

    Verse 3. Agreed - Can you have God's presence while you walk so contrary to him?

    Verse 5. Can a bird fall - So here for your sins, God will cast the net over you. Shall one take up a snare - The fowler will not take up the snare, before the prey be taken in it.

    Verse 6. Afraid - Affected with the danger. Evil - Such as plague or famine. Done it - Either immediately by his own hand, or by the hands of those he employs. Whoever are the instruments, God is the principal agent. Out of his mouth both good and evil proceed.

    Verse 7. Will do nothing - Usually the Lord doth no great thing for or against his people, without giving warning of it before it comes.

    Verse 8. Hath roared - As a lion roareth when near his prey: so God hath terribly threatened what is near to be done. Prophesy - Amos can not but speak what he had heard.

    Verse 9. Publish - Ye prophets invite strangers to come and observe what cause I have to do what I threaten. Tumults - The seditious counsels, and rebellious conspiracies among them. The oppressed - Multitudes of oppressed ones, as the usurpers took it to be their interest to crush all they feared or suspected. In the midst - Yea, throughout the whole kingdom of Samaria.

    Verse 10. Store up - As men lay up wealth in their treasures, perverting judgment, first condemning the innocent, next seizing all his substance.

    Verse 11. Therefore - Because of all the violence and rapine with other crying sins. An adversary - The Assyrian. Round about - Shall beset the whole land as one besieged city.

    Verse 12. As the shepherd - As the shepherd doth hardly rescue a small part of a sheep or lamb from the lion, so a small part of the children of Israel, shall escape when Samaria is taken. The corner of a bed - Lying in some dark corner. Damascus - The chief city of Syria taken by Tiglath-Pilneser about the time when he wasted Israel. In a couch - Some few of the poor, shall escape, pitied by the enemy, when he finds them sick upon their couch.

    Verse 13. Hear ye - Prophets. The God of hosts - Who is Lord of all, and hath all power in his hand.

    Verse 14. Of Israel - The many and great transgressions of the ten tribes.

    15. The winter-house - Which probably was in the chief city, whither the great men retired in the winter. The summer-house - The houses of pleasure, where the nobles and rich men spent the summer time. Of ivory - Beautified with ivory.


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