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    XXIV By the sign of flesh boiling in a pot are shewed, the miseries of Jerusalem during the siege, ver. 1-14. By the sign of Ezekiel's not mourning for his wife is shewed, that the approaching calamities would be to great to be lamented, ver. 15- 27.

    Verse 1. In the ninth year - Of Zedekiah's reign. Came unto me - The prophet was now in Babylon.

    Verse 2. Set himself - Sat down to besiege.

    Verse 4. Every good piece - All the chief of the inhabitants of the land, the wealthiest, who will fly from their country-houses to live in safety in Jerusalem: the most war-like, who will betake themselves to Jerusalem for its defense. Fill it - With those pieces that are biggest, fullest of marrow, and which are divided according to the bones; these are the principal members of the state, the king, princes, priests, magistrates, and the most wealthy citizens.

    Verse 5. The bones - Not of the pieces to be boiled, but of the many innocents murdered in Jerusalem; for their blood crieth for vengeance, and their bones scattered on the face of the earth, will both make and maintain this fire.

    Verse 6. The bloody city - Jerusalem. Whose scum - Her wickedness is still within her. Piece by piece - One piece after another 'till all be consumed. No lot - Lots are for saving some, but here shall be no sparing any.

    Verse 7. The blood - Innocent blood which she hath shed. The top of a rock - Where it might be long seen. To cover it - These butchers of innocent ones leave their blood uncovered.

    Verse 8. I have set - I will openly punish, and in such a manner as shall not be soon forgotten.

    Verse 10. And spice it well - To express this justice, that is acceptable to God and men. The bones - The greatest, strongest, and firmest of the Jews shall perish in this fiery indignation.

    Verse 11. The filthiness - A type of the unreformed sinfulness of the city. Molten - That their wickedness may be taken away with their persons, and city.

    Verse 12. She - Jerusalem. With lies - Her allies, their promises, their forces, and their idols, all prove a lie to the house of Judah. Her scum - Her unrepented sins shall be punished in the fire that burns their city.

    Verse 13. Lewdness - Or obstinacy and boldness. Purged thee - Used all means to purge thee.

    Verse 16. With a stroke - A sudden stroke, by my own immediate hand. We know not how soon the desire of our eyes may be removed from us. Death is a stroke, which the most pious, the most useful, the most amiable are not exempted from.

    Verse 17. Bind the tire - Adorn thy head, as thou wast used to do; go not bare-headed as a mourner. Thy shoes - ln great mournings the Jews went bare-footed. Cover not thy lips - It was a custom among them to cover the upper lip. Eat not - Of thy neighbours and friends, who were wont to visit their mourning friends, and send in choice provision to their houses.

    Verse 18. I spake - Told them what I expected would be.

    Verse 21. Profane - Cast off, and put into the hands of Heathens. The excellency of your strength - So it was while God's presence was there. The desire - As much your desire, as my wife was mine; most dear to you.

    Verse 22. Ye shall do - When you are in captivity, where you may not use your own customs.

    Verse 23. Pine away - You shall languish with secret sorrow, when you shall not dare to shew it openly.

    Verse 25. Their strength - Their walls and fortifications. The joy - All their public and private joys and hopes shall be destroyed in the destruction of the kingdom, and their children.

    Verse 26. To hear it - To give thee a narrative of all he had seen.

    Verse 27. No more dumb - From this prophecy for eighteen months during the siege, he does not prophesy of Israel, but of other nations. Thou shalt be a sign - Until the event shall convince the Jews, thou shalt by sign, signify to them, what is coming.


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