Word: epercomai

Pronounce: ep-er'-khom-ahee

Strongs Number: G1904

Orig: from 1909 and 2064; to supervene, i.e. arrive, occur, impend, attack, (figuratively) influence:--come (in, upon). G1909

Use: TDNT-2:680,257 Verb

Heb Strong: H268 H935 H935 H1468 H1518 H1980 H2498 H2904 H3318 H5064 H5307 H5413 H5674 H5844 H5927 H6168 H6424 H6597 H6965 H7200 H7378 H7725 H7896 H7931

    1) to come to arrive
    1a) of time, come on, be at hand, be future
    2) to come upon, overtake, one
    2a) of sleep
    2b) of disease
    2c) of calamities
    2d) of the Holy Spirit, descending and operating in one
    2e) of an enemy attacking one