Word: exairw

Pronounce: ex-ah'-ee-ro

Strongs Number: G1808

Orig: from 1537 and 142; to remove:--put (take) away. G1537

Use: Verb

Heb Strong: H622 H1197 H1347 H1414 H1438 H1639 H1644 H2040 H2930 H3001 H3318 H3423 H3582 H3772 H4191 H4513 H4853 H5255 H5375 H5375 H5394 H5425 H5428 H5462 H5493 H5541 H5557 H5590 H5595 H5647 H5674 H5782 H7280 H7311 H7843 H8045

    1) to lift up or take away out of a place
    2) to remove