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Hello Friend.

Vince DelMonte here. You want to know what I’m offering…

My offer is quite simple.

I’m giving you the opportunity to duplicate my success…

I’m giving you all the tools…all the motivation…I'm giving you the truth.

You’ll find that once you arm yourself with this system, you’ll wish you had done it sooner. And you’ll find that the more you follow my road-map, the more it will work for you.

With this brand new explosive system, you get everything you need to…

Gain clean, cut muscle and top it off with a flat, firm and sexy stomach!

You will have absolutely everything you need to break-thru to that extreme body buried inside you. A physique everyone will be jealous of and that will go noticed!

The kind of body that has my male clients taking off their shirts with ultimate confidence anytime they want.

The kind of body that has my female clients wearing their “skinny jeans,” shortest tops and skimpiest bikinis.

You’re now ready for a day on the beach…A shirts vs skins basketball game…a pool party…swimwear contest…even modeling!

Your entire body will change and that will transform your life!

And in the process, you get into the best shape of your life… and stay there.

Whether you are young or old. Short or tall. Skinny or really skinny. Or skinny with a pot belly. It doesn't matter!

And It’s About To Be Delivered
Literally To Your Door Step…
(I Should Have Done This 2 Years Ago…)

After Receiving 100’s of Requests From Satisfied Customers, I Have Stepped Up My Game And Now Offering The GEM Of My Workout Programs In DVD Format…

The biggest complaint my digital programs receive is that you want physical hard copy products. There’s nothing like learning from your own T.V. set.

You prefer to watch the workouts in any room of your house, while on vacation and during your travels.

And computers can be a pain in the butt and unreliable when you need them the most. Not too mention the pain of a slow Internet connection and wasted time downloading new video software for your computer… By the time you watch the videos online, a week has passed.

I have finally responded to the email that floods my Inbox every day…Emails like this:

“There is too much info… I just want the workouts…”

“I don’t want to read a 200-page book. Just show me what to do…”

“I want to watch the first workout and start tonight…”

“Just show me what to do and give me the workout sheets.”

Fair enough. So I gave in – just for you.


Vince DelMonte’s Muscle-Shredding, Belly-Busting & Ab-Sharpening DVD Series To Building Your Perfect Body… The Natural Way

In this much-anticipated high quality DVD series, shipped right to your door, you get to be a fly on the fall in my gym. With more than 12-hours of non-stop inspirational and educational training footage you’ll have literally 3-years worth of workouts.

I am NOT teaching you how to fish in these DVD’s. I am giving you the fish on a silver platter.

You will get 6 years of education and experimentation – on myself and the clients I’ve trained – compacted into TEN DIFFERENT WORKOUT ROUTINES. The training footage on the DVD is real, with heavy weights and intensity which will be very motivating and inspiring for you.

Check Out How to get shredded the natural way You’ll Do It Too:

  • With no more boring workouts. Which means you’re muscling up and getting shredded…and having fun at the same time.
  • Without any confusion on what to do next. Whether you need to cut or bulk, you’ll always have a workout to cycle next into your routine – it doesn’t matter who you are.
  • Without every hitting a plateau again or seeing slow gains. Which means you’ll always be stronger than yesterday and have a new workout to try tomorrow.
  • With no long hours at the gym! Which means you’ll workout less and achieve more. This gives you the freedom to live your life rather than live in the gym.
  • Without ever scratching your head unsure if what you’re doing is safe or correct. Which means you’ll start investing instead of spending, your time in the gym.

The cameras chase me through the gym as I demonstrate every single workout from my No Nonsense Muscle Building and No Nonsense Fat Loss programs. 

It’s like having me as your own Personal Trainer, taking you through each of your workoutsThis is the BIGGEST step you can take to get personal attention from me.
Every raw detail is explained and demonstrated so that you can build your own awesome physique.

There Is Literally Zero Guess Work By Arming Yourself For The Next 3-Years!

Scrawny No More with John Berardi’s Review

"The principles of No Nonsense Muscle Building have helped Vince Delmonte transform from "Skinny Vinny" to a physique champion.

These principles have also helped hundreds of others increase their strength and muscle size.

If you’re looking for some of the best muscle-building information currently available, check out Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building"

Dr. John M Berardi
Adjunct Professor, University of Texas
Author of Scrawny to Brawny

You obviously don’t need 150-weeks worth of workouts to carve out a first-rate body…

Heck, you’ll start sculpting your body with just 1/10th of the workouts included!

Consider this collection of workouts an investment into your quality of life.

Heck, you have enough workouts here to open your own personal training studio and train every kind of client. Transforming your body has never been easier…

  1. Choose the workout of your choice.

  2. Watch the workout DVD.

  3. Print off the printable workout sheets
    and hit the gym.

In just a few short months, you’ll carve out the sexy and striking body you’re after.  You’ll have no excuse to get into – or back into – the best shape of your life, and finally reach your goals.

The hardest thing about watching these workouts will be waiting for until they’re over to bust out some serious lifting. Get ready for the workout of your life!

Before you know it you’ll be turning heads at the gym, on the streets, and at the beach – guaranteed!

Click Here To Order Now!

The Complete No-Nonsense Muscle DVD Series System
Disk 1: Upside Down Training Program
4-Week Kick Start Program
Disk 1: Upside Down Training Program

As a professional fitness trainer, Vince knows that starting any fitness training program - no matter who you are - with any of the following issues is absolute suicide:

  • Poor posture
  • Weak core muscles
  • Underdeveloped body parts
  • Minimal flexibility
  • Previous injuries
  • Shoulder instability
  • Imbalances from left to right
  • Poor heart and lung strength

Here is what the Upside Down Training (UDT) prioritizes:

  • Postural Imbalances - Most programs online assume your body is in perfect alignment. Training with nil posture is like taking a misaligned car out onto a long road trip. Guess what’s going to happen when you start pushing it? It’s going to break down! UDT focuses on the exact exercises you should do and which ones you should avoid at all costs. UDT training will make you look bigger simply by correcting your poor posture!

  • Shoulder Stability - Most guys have no idea that they are causing more harm than good but will find out in 10 years from now when they get hurt and start paying for a therapists next vacation. UDT will ensure your shoulders stay healthy for a lifetime.

  • Core Stability - You think shoulders injuries are bad? Not a chance compared to lower back ones! Anybody with a low back injury would not wish it upon their worst enemy. UDT will build up the strongest core muscles that Bruce Lee couldn't even penetrate.

  • Upper Body and Lower Body Flexibility Training - if your as stiff as a board then your body is SCREAMING for an injury. No other online course offers an entire years worth of stretching programs to ensure your body is ready to train hard without injury.

  • Specialization Training On Lagging Body Parts - You know your only as strong as your weakest link right? So how the heck are you going to build your chest, back, shoulders and legs if your smaller muscle groups are lagging? UDT tells you exactly what exercises to do to ensure you have no limiting muscle groups.

  • Bodyweight Conditioning Program - Jealous of how those guys looked in the movie 300? Not only were they ripped and muscular but they were incredibly fit! Just because you want to bulk up and build muscle does not mean you have to sacrifice your heart and lung strength too! UDT will share some killer bodyweight conditioning workouts to ensure your muscularity matches your fitness level too.

Your only option is to succeed when you kick off your program with a completely individualized program to eliminate any potential injuries and lay a rock solid foundation to jump start your muscle growth or fat loss.

Disk 2: The Beginner-Intermediate & Advanced 29-Week Muscle-Shredding Program
Disk 2: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Muscle Shredding Workout
The Beginner-Intermediate 29-Week Muscle-Shredding Workout Program

The  Beginner-Intermediate Intensive 29 week program is the exact the way I trained when I gained 41 lbs of muscle in six months. Get ready to build 10, 20, 30, 40 and even up to 50 pounds of mass – just like I did.

Whether you are young or old…male or female… or just getting back into it…this program is based on the philosophy of harder, but briefer, exercise.  Here is where you will determine your genetic potential for developing excessively large muscles. 
Convert the wisdom of the Skinny Guy Savior into key training points to maximize your leanness and overall muscular size and strength. 

Apply this 6-month program to build broader shoulders, a deeper chest, bigger arms, more powerful legs and a tighter waist.

Now is the time for you to go from skinny-to-muscular and start growing today!

The Advanced 29-Week Muscle-Shredding Workout Program

So you already have a few years of solid training under your belt and ready to build the last 5-10 pounds of solid mass to your frame?

For those who consider them self an advanced trainer then consider this a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Whether you have not been challenged in awhile, want to compete on stage or just ready to take your body to a new level of muscularity…

…this killer 6-month max-power bad boy has got your name written all over it! Everything is explained in explicit detail to ensure maximum effectiveness!  This program includes my most advanced muscle-shredding strategies and the results will blow your mind.

Warning: This program was specifically designed to take you WAY outside of your comfort zone and take your muscularity to an entire new level. If you end up in the washroom after the first 15 minutes- don't be hard on yourself.

Disk 3: The 16-Week 3-Day Metabolic
Boost Program & Women’s Fat Loss Program

Disk 3: 16-Week Metabolic Boost Program and Womens Fat Loss Program
The 16-Week 3-Day Metabolic Boost Program

In No-Nonsense Six Pack, we start out with 3 days a week of semi-intense workouts structured to start you on the road to your brand new body - perfect if you are a beginner or just "getting back into it.

Follow these very specific training protocols to start dialing down towards a two-pack, four-pack and put the fun back into your workouts.

Like sculpting Mount Rushmore, these first 16 weeks are all about blasting off the big chunks. The more refined sculpting comes right after you master…

The No-Nonsense 16-Week “Women Only” Fat Loss Program

It’s a simple fact that a woman’s body is different from a man’s.

Sure… some things are going to be constant, regardless of gender… But with this female-specific training program, women no longer need to feel left out.

Ladies… I give you the absolute best… scientifically sound practices for your body!

It makes no difference if you’re already lean and looking to get some muscle…

Or if want to get rid of the belly fat, fit into your skinny jeans, wear tiny sleeveless shirts, get rid of your cellulite and lose your thunder thighs. I give you the exact workout program that I use with my female clients.

Guys… you may think this bonus means nothing to you, but you’re dead wrong! This program alone makes the whole system like a 2-for-1 deal. Print this book out and help get your girlfriend or wife get in the best shape of her life too!

The way I see it, that’s a win/win/win.

  • You get your 6-pack…
  • She gets her rock-hard tummy…
  • You get a smoking hot girlfriend (or a super hot wife)!

Disk 4: The 16-Week 4-Day
Metabolic Extreme Program
Disk 4: 16-Week Metabolic Extreme Program
After the 3-Day Metabolic Boost, you will be down at least 16-48 lbs of ugly fat and just getting comments from all your friends. Your 2-pack is popping and your 4 pack is pushing through and you are 16 weeks from owning a six pack!

Discard the 3-day program and witness my metabolism jolting "bodybuilding functional workouts." Dozens of non traditional training exercises to boost speed, strength and endurance all during one workout. After this next 16 weeks of no guesswork - you’ll never be embarrassed in a swimsuit again.

Learn these brand new, inspiring biplexes, triplexes, and quadplexes to put your body into high gear, invigorate your workouts and spark your motivation to new heights.

Disk 5/6: The 16-Week 5-Day Metabolic Overdrive Program
16-Week Metabolic Overdrive Program

Time to dump the beginner’s 3-day and intermediate 4-day manual… and print out this advanced 5-day overdrive program!

This program is my "baby." It intensifies the "bodybuilding functional workout" and expands on more speed, strength and endurance all under the same umbrella. You can use this one to build muscle or cut fat – it all depends on your caloric intake.

This is the EXACT program I followed last summer to prepare for the World Fitness Model Championships in Toronto, ON and finish 2nd and 3rd respectively in two different categories.  

It’s the next series of steps you’ll take to a brand new… sleek and sexy you!

We've got the basic shape down now…Here’s where we begin chipping away at the final pieces… to target perfection. More intense workouts… more advanced applications… challenging combinations… more, more, more!

And with that comes more progress… more precision… more pride! This routine is where you begin to forget the old you completely.

You’re more than fit… more than just toned up…

It’s where you begin seeing life-changing events happen. A higher quality lifestyle… a higher quality health…and higher quality dates. And razor sharp abs you could cut diamonds!

Disk 7: The Razor-Sharp Abdominal Cardio,
4-Week Bodyweight Program,
& 16-Week Home Gym Program
Razor Sharp Abdominal Cardio, Bodyweight, and Home Gym Programs
The 16-Week Razor-Sharp Abdominal Cardio Workouts

Whether you are bulking or cutting – cardio needs to fit in somewhere. Discover a very specific cardio training protocol that has NEVER been published anywhere and will transform your abs/core region beyond physique display.

Far beyond “long slow cardio” and more powerful than “interval cardio” alone – this workout will kick your metabolism into 24/7 autopilot.

You can’t afford to weight train, diet and supplement without this “missing piece” of the puzzle designed to dig out the last 5-10 lbs of lower ab fat. 

Multiple different protocols are provided whether you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced or in a pre-contest phase.

As long as you’re serious about getting razor sharp abs and developing your entire core region then don’t get left behind without this cutting edge, challenging and exciting cardio system.

The power of this abs/core cardio program must be witnessed to be believed and will build your abs, melt the fat and will redefine the term, “fat burning machine.” Over the next few months, your stomach will feel as thin as the skin on the front of your hands and you’ll have more motivation, confidence and respect than ever before!

The 4-Week Bodyweight Program

You have no business doing any serious work on the weights until you can completely control your own bodyweight!

To help make that super-simple…

I developed 4 weeks of special bodyweight training that delivers you safe, challenging and exciting workouts in just 30 minutes a day. You can do these workouts 3x a week or 7 x a week depending on your level of fitness.
I'm not just talking about pushups… situps and squats. I've included cutting-edge methods that are new even to me! Get ready to do exercises you've never even seen before.
But just because something is new, doesn't mean it’s better. I personally performed hundreds of new movements, then pulled out my calculator and did the math.

And I've cut these new methods down to only the ones that are better at sculpting your body… painlessly and insanely fast. Then I mixed them with the tried and true old-school methods. Delivering you a rockin' way to work your entire body in less than a half hour per day.

You can do these highly-effective simple movements before work… on your lunch hour, or even while your child is napping.

They’re safe and the workout is designed to protect your bones, muscles and joints from injury or wear and tear.

The No-Nonsense 16-Week Home Gym Program!

Some people hate the gym… others just hate the added cost.

That’s why I put together, for the first time… a 16- week program you can easily complete. And do it from the comfort of your own home gym.

Now you’re always just a few feet from your workout! No drives to the gym… no traffic… no hassle.

Using just your standard… inexpensive home gym equipment you can get all the benefit of being at an over-priced, over-crowded commercial gym.

No waiting in line for the ab machine… no wiping someone else’s sweat off the bench. Now it’s like you’re one of those Hollywood stars, with a personal trainer coming to your house!

I take you step by step through each workout. All you need is a range of dumbells, a bench and stability ball… everything you need to get in swimwear shape… in your basement, garage or spare room!

Disk 8: No-Nonsense Muscle Building
& Six Pack Printable PDF’s
and Word Documents of Workouts
No-Nonsense and Six Pack Workouts
Printable PDF’s and Word Documents of Workouts

In this CD-Rom, no matter which workout you are following, you get access to each and every workout to carry in your gym bag as your play-by-play road map.

No one expects you to remember all the little details of the program after watching the DVD so you get to arm yourself with a detailed blueprint of each workout.

Just don't forget to leave it at home or else you’ll feel naked if you ever misplace it.

If you ever see me in the gym, you’ll see me with one thing EVERY TIME: the exact workout sheets I’m handing you.

Exercise order, rep and set ranges and pre-workout commentary outlining tips, tricks and reminders for the entire workout are included with each workout program.

These program sheets will become more important than any other thing you bring to the gym - except for your shorts! 

More important than your iPod, water bottle, protein shake, towel and gym locker - consider these workout blueprints the keys to your new body.  Don't leave home without them. 

Disk 9: FREE Bonus DVD
All-Time Best Hard Body Secrets
Vince DelMonte’s All-Time Best Hard Body Secrets

Over the past few years I have compiled a lot of time-tested techniques, secrets and strategies into short golden-coaching lessons and workouts.  At some point you’ll want to tap into these forgotten gems in your arsenal…

  • 4-Minute Fat Loss Circuit Day 1 and Day 2
  • Female-Only 6-Week Fitness Model Plan
  • Male-Only 6-Week Muscle Building Plan
  • Lower Abs Workout
  • 5 Killer Shoulder Exercises For Sculpted Delts
  • Truth About Fat Burning Supplements
  • Truth About Cardio and Fat Loss
  • Truth About Alcohol and Getting A Six-Pack
  • Best Fat Burning Exercises Ever
  • Hardcore Abdominal Circuit
  • Ultimate 10-Minute Warm Up
  • How To Make A Delicious Protein Smoothie
  • Best Core Exercises Ever
  • Transformers Soundtrack - motivational track
  • Victory Remix - motivational track

Transforming your body has never been this easy!

“I Understand You Might Have A Hard Time Believing That, YOU, Have The Ability To Track Down And Capture that Elusive Hot, Sexy & Defined Body You Deserve…”

But it’s true.

Check out just a few of the success stories from regular folk like you…

“I Don’t Care If You’re Weak & Scrawny…’

You all know my strange but true story…
Vince DelMonte with 10 percent body fat

“It Works If You’re Young & Skinny…”

“Over the course of 8 months Brian has packed on over
30 pounds of pure, clean muscle mass!
He’s now rock-solid, ripped & 200 Pounds!”

Brian has packed on over

"…I couldn’t believe that I started gaining results by training less than before.

I actually added over 16 inches to my entire frame and gained over 30 lbs of muscle mass.

I was happy with my progress after only a few months…but I had no idea that was only the beginning.

Thanks for the great program Vince.”

Brian Macdougal

“Overcomes Near Death Experience
And Gains 22 KG Of Lean Mass!”

Overcomes Near Death Experience

“…this before picture was taken was I was given 2 months to live after liver failure due to alcohol. At the time I weighed 76 kg and after coming across your website and starting your 29 week NNMB program I am now 98 kg!

Because of my low sodium diet I was unable to take in protein supplements because of the high sodium and was able to get these results with just the 29 week program and no supplements!”

Duane Sloan
Singleton NSW, Australia

“…Your Full Body Routine Is Simply Amazing
…I Can Not Find A Better One!”

Brian has packed on over

“After and exhausting football season and losing 13 pounds of muscle I was skinner than ever. I started to use your program and I got excellent results. I am now more ripped than ever. Girls keep telling me compliments about how I look shirtless. I know I am not the biggest guy, I am around 142 pounds but my BF is around 7%.

Half of the guys in the school wish to have my physique, seriously. They always bother me saying that I use steroids. I am very happy with what I have achieved. My strength has gone up. Guys in the gym keep asking me for my diet and my routine. I am feeling greater than ever and I look better than ever. Here are some pictures of how I looked before and after. By the way, your full body routine is simply amazing, I cannot find a better one.

I have been literally busting my !#!$ to get were I am now. The way is not easy, but the results worth it. Your program has taught me how to eat, what to eat and when. Now I know what works for me and what does not.”

Daniel Ernesto Gomez Chama
Veracruz, Mexico

“16 Year Old Jason Used To Be A Stick - Now He’s Muscular …
What The Heck?”

16 Year Old Jason Used To Be A Stick - Now He’s Muscular

“The Best Part Now Is When People Say, Jay, You Used To Be A Stick. What the heck?! You’re Muscular Now!

I was tired and sick of being called skinny, so I decided to take up weights and get a muscular body.

Not an easy task at all when the world looks at you and criticizes about your body (negatively).

When I started bodybuilding I knew nothing, literally, I would do the dumbest things, like train 3 times a day.

But it takes a lot of knowledge to get anywhere in bodybuilding and Vince has got a sh** load of info. I no longer shake when I train and can barbell shoulder press 140 lbs with strict form now.

Over the past year and a few months I’ve gained 45 lbs of lean muscle and I'm sure I’ll double it in years to come.”

Jason Long

“Joel Pumped Up A Full 17 inches In No Time!"

Joel Pumped Up A Full 17 inches In No Time!

“I had been working out at home with light weights on and off for about 4 years, and I was not getting the results I wanted.

I bought magazine after magazine looking for exercises that could help me bulk up, but I did not find much. So I decided to join a gym and started with Vince’s program…

After the first workout, I felt like I had never worked out before and it felt great!!

After 4 months I went from 163 lbs to 186 lbs and 17 of that was solid muscle! I actually added at total of 17 inches to my body."

Joel Spadafora
Ontario, Canada

“Andy Notices Veins & Cuts He’s Never Seen Before…”

Andy Notices Veins & Cuts He’s Never Seen Before…

“Using the principles of YSPQ, I was able to go from 195 to 179 in a matter of 12 weeks. My waist went from 33 to just under 30. I've been noticing veins and cuts I've never seen before!

For the first time in my life I had people coming up to me in the gym asking what kind of supplements I take!

I was also asked if I compete in bodybuilding and fitness expos. I don't, but my new transformation has given me the motivation to try and be the best I can possibly be and I have signed up to compete in my first show. Thanks for all the info and great tips Vince.

I just competed in a bodybuilding and Men’s Physique competition on September 13th. I got second place in the physique contest which was awesome!”

Andy Spruill
Ontario, Canada

“It Works If You've Got Belly Fat To Lose…”

“Thank You For Helping Me Get My Body Back!"

Peter Carvell

“When I made that decision to want to get back into shape I knew I had to find someone who has done what I wanted to do. Someone who had the knowledge of how to reach the goal I wanted to.

Someone who also achieved amazing results themselves because there are so many people on the internet that provide weight loss and muscle building programs but they themselves have never even used it!

I wanted someone who could show me how to reach my goal and get my body back in shape in the shortest possible way. And that is why I decided to ask Vince to help me throughout my six-pack quest.

And well I can go on and on and tell you that I lost 1% body fat every single week for over 30 weeks. How I lost less then 0.2 % of my muscle during my whole quest and how I got my SIX PACK in just a few months, but I think my results speak for themselves!

But none of this would have been possible was it not for the invaluable information that Vince gave me on a weekly basis and that allowed me to not just get into shape, but get into shape fast and stay in shape!"

Peter Carvell
Ontario, Canada

90 Days Later Peter Lost 22 Lbs Of Fat & Gained
3 Lbs of Steel-Solid Muscle.

Peter Carvell

Before I began your program, I was a regular at the gym... Your program taught me the true meaning of the word intensity, so I implemented your ideas and routines in the gym, and I got RESULTS.

My diet consisted of “trying to eat healthy”.  Following your program, I learned what to eat, how to eat, how to follow a compliance rule, and how to increase my meal frequency.  This was by far the biggest hurdle for me, however I am sure was the most important step for me, and I got RESULTS.

Through your program, I now fully understand how cardio is a tool to maximize my level of fitness. 

Finally, your program has the BEST motivational support I have ever experienced.  I received e-mails from you which inspired me to STAY ON TRACK, something I have never been able to do before.  Every direct question that I asked was answered promptly.  Your blog, your discussion boards, your emails, your Facebook posts, your Twitter posts, they all kept the fire burning, and kept me wanting to improve.

My waist has shrunk by 4 ½ inches (I had to buy new pants J).  I feel on top of the world because I made a decision to get lean and fit, followed my plan, and hit my goal.  I have had numerous people ask me what I am doing to achieve these results, for advice, and have received many compliments in general regarding my transformation. 

I can now go into any situation with much more confidence, and I feel comfortable, alive, the way I am supposed to feel.

Peter Luckraft
Cape Cod, Ma.

Joe Lost 25 Pounds & Got Down To 7.5% Body Fat!

Joe Lost 25 Pounds & Got Down To 7.5% Body Fat!

“This program is different because of the bullet proof plan provided and the fact that there is not guess work for the reader! I never hit a “dead end” while training for my goals..

The biggest struggle was social occasions but I overcame the obstacles by staying focused on the outcome. Vince was also quick to answer questions when clarification was needed.

The biggest benefit is the reaction you get from people who havent seen me in a while! Also, no longer feeling helpless in the quest for a fitter body. I now believe I have more of the answers than questions and I feel in control of my fitness level and I am even more confident in my future goals!”

Joey Vaillancourt
Gatineau, Quebec

Jock Dropped His Body Fat From 24% to 13.5%

Jock Dropped His Body Fat From 24% to 13.5%

“I truly want to thank you because you are a true inspiration. Before my transformation, I was lazy, overweight, had little energy and had a very poor self image. I was working long hours, not happy with my job and I was not happy with myself. I was tired of having the extra weight to carry around all the time and decided now was the time to change.

You have given me the inspiration to follow my new found passion and in the process of completing your six pack challenge, I have enrolled and am now 1/3 through my personal trainer’s course and plan on making a career change to follow the lifestyle that I now want to live.

I now stronger, healthier and have more energy. Health and fitness has now become a permanent part of my life. My body fat has dropped from 24% to 13.5%, I have gained 1.6kg of lean muscle and my waist has shrunken over 2 inches and I feel great. My jeans went from a size 38 to a size 34 and I have started to need to tailor some of my shirts because I no longer fit into them any more because they are too big.”

Jock Purtle
NSW, Australia

“It Works If You’re Over 40…”

“After 15 Years Of No Results…Everybody Stares At Pedro While He Works Out Now…Can You See Why?!”

After 15 Years Of No Results…Everybody Stares At Pedro While He Works Out Now

“… I had trained for 15 years, at the beginning I had some changes, but after that, during 10 or more years, stayed with the same weight, same body fat, no changes,I didn't know what else to do…Your training system was different and new, first I thought it was easy, but no way!

When I started the program my weight was 165 and my body fat was 23%, right now I'm 186 and my body fat is 13% !!! On average, all my strength exercises went up about 50%!

It’s a great pleasure to go to the gym and everybody stares at me, men and women, everybody ask me about the change in my body, I feel better, stronger and more confident!”

Pedro Zapata
San Luis Potosi, Mexico

“90 Days Later Charles Has Abs At 52 Years Of Age!”

After 15 Years Of No Results…Everybody Stares At Pedro While He Works Out Now

“After 90 days of your program and writing here is my photo prior to not being able to workout for 3 years due to an auto accident.

I'm 52 years old and just absolutely “had to” start making these positive changes in my life. What has amazed me is the corresponding changes in my life on a mental and spiritual level that is nothing short of a miracle!

This is just my first 90 days on a new lifelong journey and I thank you for your advice and dedication to your calling. ”

Charles Dray
Plant City, FL

“46 Year Old Eye Surgeon Loses 40 Lbs of Fat & Gains 20 lbs of Muscle In 13 Months”

46 Year Old Eye Surgeon Loses 40 Lbs of Fat & Gains 20 lbs of Muscle In 13 Months

“I love your website and I really appreciate all the information that you give to your audience.

The first pic was taken in march of 2007. I weighed 220 lbs with 30% to 35% body fat. The second pic was in oct 2007 where I weighed approx 180 with 10% body fat. And the most recent pic was in april 2008 where I weighed 200 lbs with 10 to 12% body fat (approx). ”

Jim Furicchia

“It Works If You’re A Female…”

“Soft And Depleted To Sexy And Muscular”

Soft And Depleted To Sexy And Muscular

6th Place Of 41 Girls In Her First Ever WNSO Fitness Model Competition! 

“Vince, how do I put into words everything that you have done for me…

I am extremely happy with the results that I have achieved training with your program.

…Knowing that I have you to guide me and knowing that I will get results with your program, gives me the peace of mind that I need to concentrate on bettering my physique.”

Adina Chetan
Hamilton, Ontario

“61 Year Old Sheds 25 Pounds Of Ugly Fat, And Gains Rock-Solid Muscle…In Just 12 Short Weeks”

61 Year Old Sheds 25 Pounds Of Ugly Fat, And Gains Rock-Solid Muscle.. In Just 12 Short Weeks

“Working with Vince DelMonte”s fat loss program for 12 weeks, I have managed to lose (25 poundsand 20 ½ inches

lost 10% body fat and have reduced from a size 18 to a size 12…

…I am stronger, healthier, have more energy and am more positive in attitude. What started as a chore has become a new and enjoyable… way of life."

June Lynch
Dundas, Ontario

40 Year Old Mom Loses 18.5 Inches
& Feels Sexy For The First Time In Years.

40 Year Old Mom Loses 18.5 Inches

“For the first time ever, I’m in the best shape of my life and happier then ever thanks to your program.
Before your program I was feeling frustrated with workout and not seeing results. I was tired of yo-yo dieting and empty promises from fat burners and easy weight loss methods that are advertised daily on television and in magazines.

I saw your program on the computer one day and read the success stories that followed and told my husband “I can do this”.  I read through the program and was quite excited to see there was no guess work.  I would know when to eat, what to eat and I had many different workout programs to choose from. 

I am so proud of myself for setting a goal and sticking to it. I have lost a total of 18 ½ inches, 12 pounds and 4% body fat. This 12 week program has helped me feel great about myself and has restored my self-esteem, I feel sexy for the first time in years.”

Sondra St-Amand
Vernon, British Columbia

Libby Conquers Battle Of The Bulge & Wins Trophy In Masters Women’s Figure Show

Libby Conquers Battle Of The Bulge & Wins Trophy In Masters Women’s Figure Show

“After a serious injury to leg tendons and ligaments…and a full year to recover…I gained 15 pounds of fat to my small frame. I find myself at 128 lbs. at 5'4". To get myself back on track I verbally commit to an upcoming Figure Contest…

After reading Vince”s material I am enlightened to mistakes I am constantly committing. I am not exceeding my muscle thresh hold. I keep lifting close to the same poundage’s and expecting better results. Nutritional timing is another area that needs improvement.

Yesterday was NPC Show Quincy Roberts Elite Muscle Classic 2008. I placed third in the Masters Women’s Figure! I took home a trophy!

Best thing I liked about this transformation? Freedom from the knowledge that the supplement industry is a waste of time and money.

What did I gain? A trophy, some muscle, and the confidence to lead by example…because talk is cheap. Gained a tremendous amount of satisfaction that I reached a goal I set out to do.”

Libby Gast

Megan Went From Zero Tone To Lean & Sexy!

Megan Went from Zero Tone to Lean Sexy

“Vince”s program is one of the best investments you’ll ever make! I have learned how to make the absolute most of each and every visit to the gym. The quality and focus of my workouts is better than ever before. I am so happy with the amazing changes that have taken place in my body!

I went from skinny fat…to lean, toned and sexy! I'm working hard, and lifting quite a lot…but all the women out their should know…it won't make you look bulky!

If you are willing to put the information that Vince gives you into play, and give it 100 percent…the changes you can make are astounding!”

Megan Kelly

Just In Case You Already
Own One Of My Programs…

Jennifer Nicole Lee Expert Review

“Vince DelMonte is not only a living transformation specialist for whether you’re skinny or chubby (male or female), but a highly regarded fitness expert in his field who I look up to.

Of all the authors in the fitness industry’s, Vince’s methods are tried and true. I suggest for all of my clients to invest in his books and programs, as his no holds bar approach to training will give you the results that you want and deserve, with all of the BS cut out, leaving you the tips, tools and techniques necessary to build solid muscle and to get a sleek and sexy six pack.”

Jennifer Nicole Lee
Author, The Fitness Model Program™
Professional Fitness Coach
Contributor To Oxygen Magazine
International Weight Loss Success Story
Appearances on Oprah, The Big Idea, CBS, Inside Edition, and E! Entertainment

I totally understand if you are one of 26,755 loyal and faithful customers who have experienced dramatic results with my system. 

Since your success has grown, my success and popularity have grown so I owe you. 

Whether you are currently a customer or soon-to-be customer I’m going to give you the opportunity to multiply your muscle gains and incinerate your fat faster.  

To skyrocket your success in the gym…

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A chance to turn heads in a big way…

At the request of my customers, I recently completed some BRAND NEW support programs, that I know you’re going to want.  

These can not be found anywhere… they include entirely new routines and advanced techniques designed from the ground up, and entirely new modules to cycle during or after the main program.

You’re going to go crazy when you see how I’m making getting in the best shape of your life, so simple… it’s a no-brainer.

When the next batch of 500 DVD's disappear, the price will go up again. 

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Hot Muscle Building Gifts

As an ADDITIONAL bonus gift for starting together and not procrastinating, you’ll get these 5 bonuses, valued at $435 that have NEVER been offered before!

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Bonus Gift 1
2-Hour Live Large Audio Interview:
A Day-In-The-Life with yours truly.
(Retail Value - $97)

2 Hour Live Large Audio Interview with Vince DelMonte
First off, this was NOT my idea. I was brainstorming with a friend who suggested…
“Dude, tell them about your private life.

Bring them into your world for a day.  Show them the stuff you do besides workouts – introduce them to your family, your house, your car, your city, tell them about your travels, your plans, your adventure trips, your business, your lady friends, the church you go to, the kids you sponsor…you live an exciting life man… show it.”

So that’s what I’ve done for you!
I have been on the Internet for over 2 years now and I think it’s about time that you get to take a closer look into my world.  This is something I have never done before and not sure if I’ll ever do again…

Bonus 2Leaner, Harder, Faster  Hotel Body Weight Workout
(Retail Value - $97)

Hotel Body Weight WorkoutsA leaner, harder and faster you is only a few quick n’ easy weeks away…

This past year, I’ve been traveling a lot – sometimes I live in a hotel two weeks of every month.

I’m not bragging. It sucks.  It can totally ruin your fitness program, throw off your routine and cancel out all the progress you’re making.
Recently I attended a live motivational event and was asked by the host to provide workouts in the morning at a live motivational event – without any fancy equipment.  Of course I agreed.

The only problem was that we had to rely on our bodyweight.  We had no machines, medicine balls, bands, kettlebells, no nothing – all we had was some open space by the pool. 

After each workout, the speaker would brag about how amazing each workout was and on the 2nd day 4 people showed up for the hotel body weight workout, then 7 people, then 16 people and on the last day of the event, 39 people showed up to get leaner, faster and harder using the MOST POWERFUL body weight workout I know – you will not find this routine anywhere else!

Members of the hotel informed me, “I was following the workout from my hotel room!” 
All you need is your bodyweight and a small amount of space inside of any hotel room, hotel gym, office space or living room.

You’ll be amazed by how fast you burn inches, get fit and look sculpted when you know how to workout properly.  This is like packing Vince DelMonte in your suit case as your own personal trainer!

Listen To What A Few Survivors Had To Say After Training With Vince…

Bonus 32-Inches In 30-Days: The No-Nonsense Workout To Massive Arms
(Retail Value - $47)

2 Inches in 30 Days: The No-Nonsense Workout to Massive ArmsAre you tired of busting your butt in the gym and yours arms still don’t look like you even lift?  No matter how scrawny your arms are, no matter what plateau you’re experiencing, this long-anticipated arm workout reveals my never before seen workout routine to getting big guns.
I won’t guarantee 24-inch pythons but by adding this 20-minute workout only 2 times a week you will get your pipes bursting out of your t-shirts before you know it.  Personally I don’t think HUGE, HUGE arms are appealing but there is nothing as intimidating as thick, dense and defined arms… get ready to finally trigger never-before-seen growth in your arms.

Bonus 4What To Eat For Maximum Muscle Growth Video Series
with Isabel De Los Rios

(Retail Value - $97)

What to Eat for Maximum Muscle GrowthYou’ve heard it before but I’ll say it again, “Exercise all you want but it will only take you so far.”

A great body depends on the best bodybuilding nutrition plan. However, keeping a bodybuilders diet can easily result in failure. 

In this video series you’ll learn the BEST proteins, the BEST carbohydrates, the BEST fats for lean muscular development.  You’ll learn the TRUTH about protein powder and if it’s worth justifying the next time you shop. 

If following a meal plan is not for you – you’re going to fall in love with this gift.

I interviewed the top nutritionist, I know, in the world on “insider tips” that don’t get passed around in forms and magazines.  Isabel even reveals two kinds of foods that you should NEVER eat if you want to build a body like a champion. You’ll be shockingly surprised to hear how these two popular foods are stunting your growth.

Bonus 5Muscle In A Rush Workout: 4 Weeks To Unleashing New Gains
(Retail Value - $97)

In November of 2008 I took a trip to New Jersey to visit world-famous abs expert, Arnel Ricafranca to put together one of the most innovative ways to train for strength and powernot to mention thick muscle growth!

Sometimes the most efficient methods of training seem contradictory in nature and after 4 short weeks on this eye-opening and quick-hitting training routine you’re going to make some of your most impressive gains and get a full-blown pump each workout.

Muscle In A Rush is designed to annihilate your muscle fibers (without 2-hour bodybuilder workouts) so they have no choice but to grow. The biggest benefit, after 4-weeks, is that your strength will be through the roof and each time you come back to this training style, you’ll add more poundage every exercise and every workout. 

Although strength gains do not correlate directly with gains in size it’s very motivating and should provide a constant spurt of strength surges with a size side effect. Best of both worlds!

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“That’s one insane package right there. The “No-Nonsense Muscle Building & Six Pack DVD Series” and 5 brand new support bonuses. If you only applied 1/10th of the routines you would make more gains in the next 2-months than you did in the past 2 years!”

But I’m Not Done Yet…Not By A Long Shot!
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No-Nonsense Deluxe Package BonusNo-Nonsense Muscle Building Deluxe Package & Bonuses
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No-Nonsense Muscle Building E-Book
The 29-Week Beginner-Intermediate
The 29-Week Advanced Max Power Empowered “Healthy” Meal Plans
Insane Virtual Exercise Demonstrator
The Metabolic Growth Calculator
The Supplement Watch Files
The Unforgivable Bodybuilding Audio
Instant 24/7 Fitness
Unlimited LIFETIME Updates
Upside Down Training
Insane Fat Cutting
No-Nonsense Muscle Building DVD
No-Nonsense iPod Upgrade
“Hard Gainers” 84 Day MASS Meal Plan
84 Day Cheap Mass Meal Plans
84 Day Veggie Mass Meal Plans
Muscle Building Member Zone

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Your Six Pack Quest Fat Loss Deluxe Package Bonus

No-Nonsense Fat Loss
Deluxe Package & Bonuses
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No-Nonsense 6-Pack E-Book
No-Nonsense 6-Pack DVD
The “Hard Losers” 84-Day Meal Plans
16-Week 3-Day Metabolic Boost
16-Week 4-Day Metabolic Extreme
16-Week 5-Day Metabolic Overdrive
4-Week Body Weight Conditioning
16-Week Razor-Sharp Abdominal Cardio
6-Pack Fat Loss Virtual Trainer
Fat Loss Supplement Watch Files
24/7 Six- Pack Coach
Unlimited Updates
Private Member Zone
Six-Pack iPod Upgrade
16-Week Home Gym Program
16-Week “Women Only” Program
Healthy 84-Day “CHEAP” Meal Plans
Healthy 84-Day “VEGGIE” Meal Plans“Meals On The Go” Recipes
“Camera Ready” In Just 7 Days

Total Value: $1895
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Ultimate Muscle Advantage Interview Series
(instantly downloadable)

Get access to 17 uncensored interrogations with the worlds biggest experts for building muscle.

Listen as I interview Scott Abel, Jon Benson, Chad Waterbury, John Berardi, Bill Hartman, Charles Staley, Mike Mahler, Nick Nilsson, Jeff Anderson, Hugo Rivera, Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson, Chris Guerriero, Dax Moy, A.J. Roberts and Peter C. Siegel

Total Value: $846
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“Imagine for a moment that you just get out of bed. On your way to the bathroom you check yourself out in the mirror. Rounded delts. Full biceps. Tapered lats. Tight pecs. Tear-drop thighs. Those Abs!

Then you look past your reflection, over your shoulder, to see what’s resting there, satisfied and resting comfortably, in your bed. Whether it’s your lover or your spouse, you know that things are somehow…well…different.

So you reflect on the changes you've made in your life over the last four weeks. They’re different because you used to be the kind of person who never quite got what you wanted. Who never quite had what you deserved.

Imagine feeling, for the first time… like the person you always dreamed of becoming.

Now, you have everything. And it all started today, the day you ordered the No-Nonsense Muscle & Six Pack DVD series.”

What’s it worth to change your whole look… change your whole life… and change your whole future? It’s going to be a lot less than you think, trust me. It’ll even be far less than it’s actually worth.

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“How Much Would You Pay Now?”

Reiner Ruska Your Six pack Quest Program Review

"For the same amount my supplement customers spend on a box of supplements that will only last 4 weeks, you can get Vince’s complete No-Nonsense System for the same price!

I train in the same gym as Vince and can testify that just watching him train for 30 seconds will be enough motivation and inspiration to take your physique to the next level."

Reiner Ruska
Herc’s Supplement Store Owner
Ontario Heavyweight Bodybuilding Champion

You know… if you were to hire a personal trainer… depending on where in the world you are, you could pay $75 per hour or more.

Train with him/her just 3 hours a week and you’re looking at a 6 month bill of $5,850.00. That’s $11,700.00 every single year.

And there’s a really good chance your trainer will not have these cutting-edge, scientifically proven tactics in his/her pocket.

It’s true! With my system and guides you’ll know more about transforming your body than most ordinary trainers!

Let’s say you forget the trainer…

You buy a bunch of supplements, based on the hype in the commercial or magazine ad. Still You’re looking at $1,200.00 per year. And while there are a few supplements that will help you achieve your goals, there is no pill or powder that will magically muscle you up with abs… let alone 6-pack abs!

Let’s say you forget the trainer and forget the supplements…

You could always drop $2600.00 on the Bowflex Ultimate or $2400.00 on the Total Gym or you could try your luck on a cheap $1000.00 infomercial-based workout gizmo machine that will only drain your bank account and eventually collect dust.  Good luck trying to set up the equipment and figuring out how to use it…It’ll probably take you a few weeks just to set up and figure out how to use it before you even get a workout in… Don't worry, that makes me cringe too.

You could always go with a Pro Bodybuilding DVD set…

Load up on a bunch of DVD’s with pro bodybuilders who claim their workouts can be adapted to all fitness levels but you know that’s just a recipe for disappointment.

You don’t want to train 2-hours a day to train one body-part.  Not to mention, stick a syringe in your butt so that you can recover.   Buy 12 different DVDs to get 12 different workouts and you’re looking at $480.00 a year.

Or you could stick to rehashed fitness magazines…

You subscribe to a few popular magazines and start following one plan and get nowhere… A new one comes along that looks cooler, so you follow that one… By the end of the year, you've spent $360.00 on magazines and you’re exactly where you are right now!

I won't charge you…

$5,800.00 like you'd pay a trainer for just 6 months of wasted time…
$2,600.00 or $2,400.00 on a “super high tech” home gym that doesn’t work…
$1,200.00 like you'd pay for a year of garbage supplements…
$480.00 you’d pay to follow the ways of the drug-using bodybuilders.
I won't even charge you the $360.00 you'd pay for worthless, corrupt fitness magazines…

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Honors Kinesiology Degree

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