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PARALLEL BIBLE - Revelation 1:12

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King James Bible - Revelation 1:12

And I turned to see the voice that spake with me. And being turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks;

World English Bible

I turned to see the voice that spoke with me. Having turned, I saw seven golden lampstands.

Douay-Rheims - Revelation 1:12

And I turned to see the voice that spoke with me. And being turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks:

Webster's Bible Translation

And I turned to see the voice that spoke with me. And having turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks;

Greek Textus Receptus

2532 επεστρεψα 1994 5656 βλεπειν 991 5721 την 3588 φωνην 5456 ητις 3748 ελαλησεν 2980 5656 μετ 3326 εμου 1700 και 2532 επιστρεψας 1994 5660 ειδον 1492 5627 επτα 2033 λυχνιας 3087 χρυσας 5552

Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge

VERSE (12) -
Eze 43:5,6 Mic 6:9

SEV Biblia, Chapter 1:12

Y me volví a ver la voz que hablaba conmigo; y vuelto, vi siete candeleros de oro;

Clarke's Bible Commentary - Revelation 1:12

Verse 12. And I turned For he had heard the voice behind him. To see the voice; i.e., the person from whom the voice came.

Seven golden candlesticks] epta lucniav crusav? Seven golden lamps.

It is absurd to say, a golden silver, or brazen candlestick. These seven lamps represented the seven Churches, in which the light of God was continually shining, and the love of God continually burning. And they are here represented as golden, to show how precious they were in the sight of God. This is a reference to the temple at Jerusalem, where there was a candlestick or chandelier of seven branches; or rather six branches; three springing out on either side, and one in the center. See Exod. xxv. 31-37.

This reference to the temple seems to intimate that the temple of Jerusalem was a type of the whole Christian Church.

John Gill's Bible Commentary

Ver. 12. And I turned to see the voice that spake with me , etc.] The Complutensian edition reads, and there I turned: and so the Arabic version; that is, to see who it was that spoke, from whom the voice came, and by whom it was uttered; (see Exodus 20:18); and being turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks ; which represented the seven churches, ( Revelation 1:20); in allusion to the seven lamps in the candlestick of the sanctuary, ( Exodus 25:37 Zechariah 4:2); compared to candlesticks, for the use of them, which is to hold forth light; these have none of themselves, but what is put into them, and being put into them, they hold it forth; so the churches of Christ have no light of themselves, but what is put into them; and the light which is put into them, is not the mere light of nature, nor the law of Moses, but the Gospel of Christ; which dispels darkness, and is the means of enlightening sinners, and gives light to saints, by which they walk and work; and this light is put into the churches by Christ, whose the Gospel is, and who is himself come a light into the world; and being put here by him, it is held forth by them, especially by the ministers of it, who are the lights of the world, both by their ministry, and in their lives and conversations: and they are compared to golden candlesticks, because of their excellency, preciousness, and value, in the esteem of Christ; and for their brightness and purity in doctrine, discipline, and life; and for their splendour, glory, and beauty; and for their stability and duration; and though they are liable to corruption and taint, yet may be melted, refined, and purified as gold.

Matthew Henry Commentary

Verses 12-20 - The
churches receive their light from Christ and the gospel, and holy it forth to others. They are golden candlesticks; they should be precious and pure; not only the ministers, but the members of the churches; their light should so shine before men, as to engage other to give glory to God. And the apostle saw as though of the Lord Jesu Christ appeared in the midst of the golden candlesticks. He is with his churches always, to the end of the world, filling them with light, an life, and love. He was clothed with a robe down to the feet, perhap representing his righteousness and priesthood, as Mediator. This ves was girt with a golden girdle, which may denote how precious are his love and affection for his people. His head and hairs white like woo and as snow, may signify his majesty, purity, and eternity. His eyes a a flame of fire, may represent his knowledge of the secrets of all hearts, and of the most distant events. His feet like fine bras burning in a furnace, may denote the firmness of his appointments, an the excellence of his proceedings. His voice as the sound of man waters, may represent the power of his word, to remove or to destroy The seven stars were emblems of the ministers of the seven churches to which the apostle was ordered to write, and whom Christ upheld an directed. The sword represented his justice, and his word, piercing to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, Heb 4:12. His countenance wa like the sun, when it shines clearly and powerfully; its strength to bright and dazzling for mortal eyes to behold. The apostle wa overpowered with the greatness of the lustre and glory in which Chris appeared. We may well be contented to walk by faith, while here upo earth. The Lord Jesus spake words of comfort; Fear not. Words of instruction; telling who thus appeared. And his Divine nature; the First and the Last. His former sufferings; I was dead: the very sam whom his disciples saw upon the cross. His resurrection and life; have conquered death, and am partaker of endless life. His office an authority; sovereign dominion in and over the invisible world, as the Judge of all, from whose sentence there is no appeal. Let us listen to the voice of Christ, and receive the tokens of his love, for what can he withhold from those for whose sins he has died? May we then obey his word, and give up ourselves wholly to him who directs all thing aright __________________________________________________________________

Greek Textus Receptus

2532 CONJ εν 1722 PREP μεσω 3319 A-DSN των 3588 T-GPF επτα 2033 A-NUI λυχνιων 3087 N-GPF ομοιον 3664 A-ASM υιω 5207 N-DSM ανθρωπου 444 N-GSM ενδεδυμενον 1746 5765 V-RMP-ASM ποδηρη 4158 A-ASM και 2532 CONJ περιεζωσμενον 4024 5772 V-RPP-ASM προς 4314 PREP τοις 3588 T-DPM μαστοις 3149 N-DPM ζωνην 2223 N-ASF χρυσην 5552 A-ASF

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